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Texas Cooking Class

Most bigger cities have at least one good culinary arts school.

Two of the features of these schools that students really like are: (1) The actual program training is rather short. Most chef training programs last just a year. Students do not have to commit to four years of classroom study before they graduate and they don't have to take general education classes that don't directly involve working in a kitchen. (2) Almost all schools have a good internship program set up where the school connects graduates with restaurants. These restaurants hire the students in actual paid internship positions. These internships are where the students really start to master the techniques they learned in the school's kitchen classrooms. You can read more about this

If you don't have a real culinary arts school in your town, you can often enroll at a local college and take courses that may be somewhat related, such as in the hospitality management area. You can also take individual cooking courses (if available) from a community college or vocational school. Sometimes they have cooking classes. See more about these schools.

You also have the option of taking some cooking courses online. Web-based training for the culinary arts isn't ideal, but if you don't have a school in your town, it may be your only option. Some of the coursework is easily handled via online study, such as food safety and kitchen management, while other training, such as actually using knives and ovens, cannot be replicated by watching a video. Check into these options

But the first step that you have to complete before you can start any of this training is you need to earn your high school diploma or pass your GED. If you don't have your high school degree or GED, this is where you start.

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