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Not everyone is meant to be a chef. While many students get into the restaurant business and really like it, there will always be those that realize that this career isn't right for them, so they drop out of cooking school or they quit their restaurant job after a while and want to try something else.

For students looking for something else, there are lots of options besides working in a restaurant. You can check out many of these options here.

One popular school and career option is business. If you like the idea of working in a restaurant, but you don't really want to work in the kitchen, hospitality management might be a good choice. Hospitality management programs train students to manage restaurants, hotels, nightclubs, resorts, cruise ships, day spas and other places where people go to relax or have fun. Not all schools have a special degree in this area, some just tie hospitality classes in with their business college classes. Learn more about hospitality management at a business school near you.

Or if you want to get out of the hospitality business all together, you can do almost anything with a business degree. Business majors typically choose from accounting, information management, marketing, administration and finance.

But if you don't want to spend much time in the classroom before starting your next job, you still have options. Most vocational schools will have short training courses in a variety of service areas such as plumbing, construction, HVAC repair, law enforcement and healthcare positions such as working in a dental office. See more about working as a dental technician or dental assistant.

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