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If you have decided that you aren't going to pursue a culinary career, then you are probably looking around for something else. A few areas you could consider include nursing, engineering and criminal justice.

Nursing is a field where you can get into it and try it without having to spend four years at college. While there are four-year nurse training programs, you can also get into a Licensed Practical Nurse training program where you should be able to finish in under a year. LPN courses

The same goes for criminal justice careers. There are bachelor's degree programs in criminal justice, but there are also shorter programs generally offered at community colleges and vocational schools that can prepare students for entry level jobs in law enforcement, legal offices, security firms and more that take only a year to complete. Get started in a local criminal justice program.

On the other hand, engineering is a field where you need to commit a solid four years to complete your bachelor's degree. And engineering undergraduate degrees can be pretty rigorous too. They aren't the easiest college major to get through. Degrees for engineers and where to get started.

One last field to talk about is fashion business. The field of fashion includes much more than just the design and production of clothing and accessories, it also involves the distribution and marketing of it, from the design center all the way to the stores.

Most people working in the fashion business are employed by large retailers. Retailers need buyers, assistant buyers, merchandisers and marketing professionals to buy the right products, price them at the right price, and display them in the stores to maximize sales and profits. Not all cities have colleges with degree programs in this area, but you can check out Houston, Dallas and Austin to see what they offer. If you can't find the exact degree program there, you may have to broaden your search to other cities

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